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Award Policy

J.H. Stewart Reid Memorial Fellowship Trust

The J. H. Stewart Reid Memorial Fellowship Trust was founded to honour the memory of the first Executive Secretary of the Canadian Association of University Teachers. A minimum scholarship of $5,000 is awarded annually to a student registered in a doctoral program at a Canadian university. To be eligible, candidates must:

(A) Be a Canadian citizen, or have landed immigrant or convention refugee status from April 30th of the year prior to application;

(B) Be registered in a doctoral program at a Canadian university and have completed their comprehensive examinations, or equivalent, and have had their Doctoral thesis proposal accepted by April 30th;

(C) Have a first-class academic record in the graduate program.

(D) Not already hold scholarships that exceed in total $25,000 per annum, for any future year of study, at the time of application.

*Repeat applications are accepted


Terms of Reference for Selection of the Fellowship

1. The Trustees of the J. H. Stewart Reid Memorial Fellowship Trust comprise the selection committee, whose responsibility it shall be to annually select a recipient for the Scholarship, in accordance with the terms of the J. H. Stewart Reid Memorial Fellowship Trust.

2. The Trustees shall receive and screen all applications for awards and make its selection of a recipient or recipients of the award or awards. The Trustees shall determine their own procedure for determining the recipient and may conduct its transactions by postal service, electronic mail, video conference or other similar form of communication.

3. The value of the Fellowship in each fiscal year shall be 90% of the Expendable Income in the previous fiscal year or $5,000 which ever is greater.

4. The Fellowship shall be paid to the student or students in two equal installments in the months of September and January.