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Fellowship Winners

2022-2023 Award Winner

My name is Jade Crimson Rose Da Costa and I am a PhD Sociology candidate at York University, Tkaronto, Ontario, as well as a creative writer, community organizer, and educator across The Greater Tkaronto-Hamilton Area and The Haldimand Tract.

I would describe myself as a race scholar who focuses on gender, sex, and sexuality. Theoretically, my work is grounded in queer, trans, and feminist Black, Indigenous, Postcolonial, and Of Colour scholarship, with my publications all converging on topics of race, gender, and sexuality. My PhD dissertation specifically explores how to vision a collective memory of HIV/AIDS resistance narratives that foregrounds the contributions of racialized and Indigenous organizers within central Southern Ontario.

Further, I am the founder and Editor-in-Chief of New Sociology: Journal of Critical Praxis, the cofounder of food justice group, The People's Pantry, the founder of Paper Roads, a social justice themed traveling library, and the curator of Erotic Pedagogy, an online resource for PK-12 educators on how to develop anti-racist and intersectional sexual education lesson plans. I am also a part-time professor at Sheridan College, an award-winning writer and teacher's assistant, and a published poet.